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    Our Mission

    "Our mission is simple. We are dedicated to providing outstanding education and instruction on weapons, weapon systems and related equipment at an affordable cost. "

    Our WSTC Comprehensive AR15/16 Armorer Course is a certified armorer course for Rock River Arms Inc. and Stag Arms, Inc. However, this course is NOT BRAND SPECIFIC and covers ALL AR 15/16 platforms!

    This class is structured for law enforcement and government personnel ONLY who are responsible for the implementation, instruction, repair and maintenance of the department or agency’s AR-15/M-16 weapon systems.


    AR-15/M16 Armorer Course


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    Public Agency Training Council started in 1987 to provide quality training, at an affordable cost in geographic areas to limit travel expense and maximize training funds.

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    Your One Stop Shopping Place for all AR Parts, Barrels and Accessories.

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    Slip 2000 is the main brand that SPS Marketing Inc. has introduced to the gun industry. This brand consists of gun lubricants, gun cleaners and cleaning accessories including EWL, Carbon Killer, 725, The Brush Buddy and so much more.

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    Great rifles are made in America; the best rifles are made here.

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    Rock River Arms remains committed to continuing to provide its civilian, law enforcement and military customers with the kind of custom products and services on which its reputation has been built.