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Lt. Ronald C. Carter



Lieutenant  Ronald Carter (Retired)

Lt. Ron Carter retired in 2003 after a total of twenty seven years as a law enforcement officer and trainer. Ron served as Range Master, Armorer and Assistant Training Director for the Carmel Metro Police Department. As well as Emergency Response Team (ERT) member for well over sixteen years. Ron was the training and logistics officer for the Carmel (IN) Metro Police Department ERT Team. As well as LE Sniper,  Sniper Team Leader and Instructor. He was Training Officer for the Carmel Metro Police Department Emergency Response Team when they won the 2001 World Police and Fire Games Competition, taking first place and the Gold Medal during the competition. He also organized and was in charge of the Departmentís Urban Patrol Rifle Unit, Firearms training program and Firearms Range facility. He served in the US Army as a soldier, weapons instructor, Sgt. E-6 and member of the Army 416th Engineer Command Rifle Team.  Ron retired from Rock River Arms Inc. as National Director of LE and Govt. Sales and Training in May of 2008 after being with the company for over six years, to form Weapon Systems Training Council LLC and to become a Training Partner with Public Agency Training Council of Indianapolis, Indiana and Rock River Arms Inc.


Ron is currently the Owner and Director of Weapon Systems Training Council LLC. The WSTC Comprehensive AR-15/16 Armorer School which today is recognized as being oneof the highest rated and most comprehensive and in depth AR-15/16 Platform Armorer Schools available today. Although the school certification is not brand specific WSTC is a certified course and is recognized and the referred class by several manufacturers as well.


In addition WSTC being a Certified Armorer School, it is the *Exclusive Armorer School in the field for Rock River Arms Inc., Stag Arms and is recognized by other prominent manufacturers in the industry. WSTC is a training partner with Public Agency Training Council (PATC) of Indianapolis IN. and L-3 EOTech Corporation of Ann Arbor MI. Weapon Systems Training Council is also a Sponsor for the International Association of Law Enforcement Instructors and member of the National Shooting Sport Foundation, National Rifle Association and National Tactical Officers Association. Ron is a member of the Weapon In-Service Instructor Staff for the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy's (ILEA) Patrol Carbine Instructor Certification School and the ILEA

Basic and Advanced Observer Sniper Schools. Ron has been responsible for the instruction of literally thousands of law enforcement and government personnel over the past years. And today remains a Certified Law Enforcement, Indiana Law Enforcement Academy and NRA LE Certified Instructor.


And at the present is Owner & Director of Weapon Systems Training Council LLC.


Beginning in June of 2014 WSTC in conjunction with L-3 EOTech (Training Partner) will be introducing the *New WSTC/EOTech Law Enforcement Operatorís Course.


The Weapon Systems Training Council Comprehensive Armorer School has in excess of 4700 graduates as of the beginning of 2014.


Ron has a vast knowledge of weapons, weapons systems, equipment. He has extensive knowledge of weapon programs, policies and the ability and experience of organization and implementation.  His expertise covers some of the following fields and achievements:


  • Rock River Inc. AR-M-16 Armorer School Instructor 


  • Remington Armorer School *Shotgun-Rifle

  • Stag Arms Inc. Armorer School Instructor


  •  Sig Sauer Armorer School *Pistol

  • National Rifle Association Instructor 


  • Beretta Armorer School * Pistol

  • Pistol  


  • Springfield Armorer School 1911-XD-XDM

  • Shotgun


  • Sturm Ruger  556

  • NRA High Power Rifle School Quantico VA.


  •  Army 416th Rifle Team

  • Indiana Law Enforcement Academy Firearms Instructor


  • Army Rifle Instructor

  • Pistol


  • Bench Rest & Silhouette Competition

  • Shotgun


  • Guest Speaker at NRA HQ. VA

  • Carbine


  • Guest Outdoor Channel Hunting Shows

  • High Power Rifle


  • Weapons Magazine Writers Roundup Presentor

  • Glock Armorer *Basic & Advance


  • L-3 EOTech  Instructor

  • Colt  AR-15 Armorer School